PLUSH Interior Design Logo Design

Amazing Interior Design Logo representing clean and modern ambients.

The Clean and Modern Ambients

We combine the furniture layout lines and include “P, L, U, S, H” into the floor plan logo illustration. We choose the colour of enthusiasm and emotion, Orange! Orange is warm, fun and joy. It is optimistic and uplifting to life and it encourages social communication and creativity. It is a youthful and energetic colour.

Business Card Design

First impression of PLUSH Interior Design, to help customer knowing them and give them a call when the need interior design service in Singapore.

brochure and flyer design for PLUSH Interior Design

Brochure Or Flyer Design

We designed and printed a brochure or flyer for PLUSH Interior Design who provide renovation for new home owners in Singapore, to be distribute at all HDB or BTO area to capture attention from the crowd.

Facebook post design for PLUSH Interior Design

Social Media Post Design

We often create Facebook post banner design for PLUSH Interior Design which help them to present on social media platforms, give their brand an opportunity to be discovered by their future customers.

You can get tons of engagement if the graphics and images are really stand out.

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