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Fuwahh Ice Cream Business Branding

Fuwahh Liquor Ice Cream, from Jonker Walk, Melaka

The Sweet Colors

We use “candy” colors, like magenta, yellow and orange as primary colors in the palette, to bring out the “sweet” touch of the ice cream.

Mobile Friendly Website

Many travellers will survey online before their travel, hence online channel like Facebook page or Business website is very helpful to the business.

Ice Cream Cup & Lid Designs

Packaging design for Fuwahh with consistent branding colors theme.

Catalogue Menu Design

A menu to be used at storefront, to help customer decide on their ice cream flavour. Yumm…

Standing banner to be displayed at store front.

Standing Bunting Design

We designed and printed a standing bunting for Fuwahh, to be used at storefront to capture attention from the crowd.

Business card with location map.

Business Namecard

Something that a customer can take home and spread the words.

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