Advocates & Solicitors Website:

J EeGrace & Co is now presence online, with a professional website at
Works / Business Website

We have launched a website for an advocates and solicitors firm based in Selangor and Melaka. The website has the main purpose of letting the firm reachable by mass audience online.

As website for lawyer firm, we limit the colors palette to extremely few, cold color, to implement the steady atmosphere.

Besides being presence online, the website offer user friendly features, to make the firm reachable by website visitors. Website visitors can WhatsApp chat with the firm representative with a single click on the website; and Google Map embedded allow users to easily navigate to the firm location.

One-click WhatsApp

Only one-click away for website visitor to contact the firm.

Bring website visitor to your doorstep

Integrate your website with Google Map, make it easy for user to locate your place by using their mobile phone.

Visit the website:

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