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How to update DNS in G Suite (Domain Name Server)

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If you acquire your website domain with G Suite, but hosting the website on another hosting, you will need to update the Name Server settings in G Suite, to point it to your website hosting.

Login to G Suite and look for "Domain"

Step 1

Login to your G Suite, look for Domains.

Click on Manage Domains.

Step 2

Click on View Details.

Take note on the “Sign-in name” and “Password”.


Step 3

You will reach the login screen of your domain registrar.

With the “Sign-in name” and “Password” provided in G Suite, Sign in.

Step 4

After signed in, look for Nameservers settings to make changes.

Your interface might look different, depends on your domain registrar.

Choose to use your own nameservers.

Fill in your nameservers. If you not sure what are your nameservers, please ask from your hosting provider.

Remember to save your changes.

The update might take up to 24 hours to reflect.