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Looking for a logo designer or want to update your brand to a fresher look?

Be inspired! We will help you during the whole conception process.

We tailor your logo and brands that’s a perfect match for your business using Adobe Illustrator. Customise unique designs for your business.

Moreover, we provide working files in soft copy in Ai, pdf and PNG format. No hidden fees.

Your Brand

Business Logo

Logo is the symbol of business, the identity of brand. Everyday and at everywhere, we are surrounded by tons of logos. A powerful logo can be immediately recognisable, conveying the brand message and stand out from the crowd.

Logo shall be memorable, and effectively convey the key value of your business. For example, a logo of a security company shall delivery the impression of safety and authority, while a logo of a courier company can deliver the impression of speed.

Logos have been known to gain iconic status with time, so much that a company can be recognised just by seeing it.


The Effective Logo


Firstly, we establish the connection of the brand and logo. Study the brand background and culture, and draft with what is the key message the logo needs to carry.

Research to be done base on demographic of target audience, to make the logo effectively engage the targeted group and delivery the brand impression.


Once we have a direction from the result of research, the design process starts. Brain-storming and sketches are carry our, we analyse the pros and cons of each idea. Logo could be in Character-Based, Font-Based or Image-Based, or combination of these.

Feedback and review happens at this stage, until we come to a most relevant one.


Refining on the style, uniqueness, attractiveness, readability. Creatively combine the simplicity and key highlights of the brand. consolidate into the output of logo design.

We develop the final logo for your approval. Once it is finalised, final files of the finalised logo in Ai, PDF, and PNG formats will be provided.

The ‘SMART’ Principle

of Effective Logo Design


Less is More. Powerful brand always have simple logo. Keeping the logo simple is more effective of recognisable.


Be memorable. The touch-point of your business, the colours, fonts and shapes play the roles of recognition.


Be appropriate to the right audience. Be appropriate to the segment that it resides it.


Be scalable and easily to reproduced to any required sizes. Be flexible to use in variety of sizes, platforms and applications.


An effective logo should be timeless, stand the test of time. Will it still be effective after 10 years, 20 years and 50 years?

Our Works

Logo Design

A good logo design shall reflect your brand, memorable, unique, and timeless.

Below we have some examples of logo works or you can tell us what style you would like on your logo design.


Recognition, stand out from crowd.

Make a great first impression. Attract new clients. Visualise your principles. Never underestimate the power of good logo appearance can help target your potential clients.

Logo is to be unique, to stand out from the crowd. Hire us to design and customise your new logo, new identity for your brand.

Deliver Message

Convey value of your business.

Your logo shall deliver impression of your business, what is the focus, the selling points and the culture of your business.

For example, a logo in earthy and greeny color can convey the message that the business is about organic and health, while sharp shapes can indicate the business is edgy and technology savvy.

Create an unique logo for your business.

Start a logo for your business. Our friendly support team will guide you through the creative process and answer all of your questions.